The attorneys at Thomas|Horstemeyer have long been involved in the creation and enforcement of Intellectual Property directed to mechanical technology.  Since the firm was founded, Thomas Horstemeyer has prosecuted thousands of patent applications directed to mechanical and electro/mechanical technologies to issuance for our clients.

In our world of high technology, including computers, software, and digital circuits, we cannot forget the importance of mechanical technologies in improving our lives.  Today, we fly all around the world thanks to the inventiveness of the Wright Brothers.  We drive vehicles and use all sorts of products that are created on assembly lines, first pioneered by Henry Ford.  We cool our houses in the summer heat thanks to Willis Carrier’s invention of air conditioning. 

When it comes to creating and enforcing your Intellectual Property rights, we treat the mechanical innovations of our clients as if they were our own.  We share in the excitement of our inventors and creators with respect to their innovations.  At Thomas|Horstemeyer, we work hard to ensure that you own the mechanical innovations you create.