Today’s digital technology has singularly changed the ability to disseminate and share information around the globe.  New business models for distributing works (e.g., film, television, and books) sometimes collide with often outdated copyright law.  Current controversies involve the training of generative artificial intelligence with copyrighted works.  It can be said that traditional copyright principles often do not work for copyright owners in the digital age.  To maintain a competitive advantage, companies and organizations need clear guidance and creative solutions when it comes to the legal landscape around Copyrights.

The attorneys at Thomas|Horstemeyer are experienced in all aspects of copyright protection.  We assist clients with obtaining copyright registrations for various items, including literary works, musical compositions, software code, sales manuals, catalogs, clothing designs, and other artistic works.  In addition, we regularly counsel clients with respect to copyright assignment and licensing issues.  We also serve clients by protecting their copyrights through litigation and by defending against allegations of copyright infringement.

Our copyright litigation practice has successfully represented clients in Federal Courts across the country.  Given our focus on Intellectual Property law, we are uniquely equipped to help clients understand how copyrights fit into the larger Intellectual Property picture (alongside design patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and utility patents), in order to maximize protection.  Also, given our technical expertise, we understand how copyrighted works are created in the digital age as well as how copyrighted information may be used to train generative artificial intelligence.

Our copyright practice covers a wide range of works, such as:

  • Logos and product packaging
  • Software and databases
  • Audio recordings and music
  • Film, video productions, and motion pictures
  • Technical and architectural designs
  • Books, magazines, and other publications
  • Sculptures 
  • Fabric designs
  • Examinations and tests
  • Mask works (semiconductor chips)