The field of Computer Science has advanced at a blistering pace in the last few decades.  The attorneys and agents at Thomas|Horstemeyer have been active participants in this evolution, creating Intellectual Property rights directed to software and related technologies. 

Software has had a significant impact on our daily lives.  Since the advent of microchip technology in the late 1950s, software has become embedded in almost every aspect of our lives.  As processor speeds increased from Kilohertz to Gigahertz over the decades, the size and complexity of software applications have increased in kind.  Just a few decades ago, software applications were run on individual computers.  Now, software applications are run on massive server farms and large data centers coupled to the Internet.

In the last couple of decades, the Intellectual Property landscape relating to the protection and enforcement of software has become particularly complex, given court decisions and other legal developments.  Through it all, Thomas|Horstemeyer attorneys and agents established a legacy of protecting and enforcing software innovations.  We have worked closely with software engineers and computer scientists to help perfect their ownership of thousands of inventions and to enforce their Intellectual Property rights in this field.  When it comes to creating and enforcing your Intellectual Property rights, we treat the software innovations of our clients as if they were our own.  We share in the excitement of our inventors and creators with respect to their innovations.  At Thomas|Horstemeyer, we work hard to ensure that you own the software innovations you create.