In our exciting world of rapidly advancing technology that has brought advanced digital electronics and beyond, we embrace the challenge of creating Intellectual Property rights that protect the innovations of inventors in the critical fields of Electrical Engineering.  

Electrical technologies have shaped the world in which we live.  In less than 150 years since Nicola Tesla invented Alternating Current (AC) generators and polyphase power distribution, we take the modern conveniences of electrical power for granted in our daily lives.  Communications have evolved over the last two centuries from Alexander Graham Bell’s wired telephone to modern-day wireless smartphones.  Computers came to be with the invention of the transistor and since have evolved to make modern computing and the field of computer science possible.  Over the last century and a half, electrical engineers and scientists helped make many of the technologies possible that have forged the modern world.  

Since the 1990s, Thomas|Horstemeyer attorneys and agents have forged a legacy as active participants in the evolution of technologies in the field of Electrical Engineering.  We have worked closely with innovators, from individual inventors to those in Fortune 50 companies, to help perfect the ownership of thousands of inventions and enforce their Intellectual Property rights in the field of Electrical Engineering.  We take pride in our approach to creating Intellectual Property rights, working to protect and enforce the innovations of our clients as if they were our own.  We share in the excitement of our inventors and creators with respect to their innovations, and we work hard to ensure that they receive the full benefit of their creative work.