Data breaches spawns fast-changing legislation in many different jurisdictions.  This changing landscape redefines what types of consumer data may be retained by corporations and how consumer data must be stored among other requirements.  As such, collecting personal information of consumers, albeit valuable, is becoming increasingly precarious and exposes companies to liability in many different jurisdictions.

The attorneys at Thomas|Horstemeyer provides data management, data security, and privacy law advice for our clients operating in various jurisdictions throughout the world.  Our attorneys understand privacy laws, regulations, and legal frameworks.  As such, our professionals assist our clients in strengthening compliance and implementing risk mitigation practices.

For over 20 years, our attorneys have assisted numerous clients with security compliance.  Our services include:

  • Implementing data compliance programs and policies
  • Data risk assessment
  • Data breach prevention
  • Orchestrating responses to hacks, intrusions, and other data breaches