Thomas|Horstemeyer welcomes Rick Timmer, Senior Patent Agent, rounding out our chemical team to five Ph.D. Chemists.  Rick brings with him over 25 years of experience in the chemical and life sciences industries including more than 15 years in patent preparation and prosecution with three national law firms.  Rick also managed patent portfolios for biotechnology start-ups and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Rick drafted hundreds of patent applications involving medicinal and polymer chemistry inventions and nearly as many life sciences inventions involving expression vectors, recombinant proteins, transgenic plants, medical devices, diagnostic methods, health IT, and many other technologies.  He also authored 16 articles that were published in various peer reviewed journals and made presentations for various organizations including the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the American Society of Nephrology, the American Physiological Society, and the Biophysical Society.  In addition, Rick is named as an inventor on 14 patents.

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, it’s important that patent attorneys and patent agents have the technical background to understand the industry’s complex scientific advances.  With five Ph.D. Chemists, Thomas|Horstemeyer has specialized attorneys and agents with hands-on experience in organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, polymer science, material science, and chemical engineering.  That knowledge base makes the entire process of patent prosecution more efficient and garners the best outcome for our clients.

Welcome to Thomas|Horstemeyer Rick Timmer!